Lady Gaga – Seriously


I found this gem online. The public has wondered whether or not people like Britney Spears or Lady Gaga  and other celebrities possess multiplicity. Myself, I usually believe gagathese people are entertainers. They deliberately and consciously develop an “alter ego” in order to perform for the public. This isn’t multiplicity. Lady Gaga of course presents multiple alters. She plays different roles, some of whom interact with one another.

The jury’s out on Spears, however. People google Britney Spears – alter ego – and a video appears of Spears’ interview with Diane Sawyer  that seems to show a very different Spears. At one point, Sawyer asks Spears a question. Spears freezes, replies quite differently than she has earlier in the interview. Spears utters the word “weird.” Then in a very different voice, Ah! Weird! Hello!” (as if introducing herself for the first time in the interview). she tosses her hair around, acting very girlish, an inappropriate response to Sawyer’s question.If Spears is faking, I must admit, she is good at it. Her ex-husband, Kevin Federline, insists she is a multiple.

britwb1Why Spears is a multiple and where this disorder came from in her history, I can’t say. Many child celebrities however disclose abuse when they are adults. Often sexual abuse is ritualistic for a number of years, frequently at the hands of their agents, or other professionals associated with the industry.

Mel Gibson has told interviewers that he possesses a “viking alter” named Bjorn who he has to “bury in sand” in order to control Bjorn. Now and then however Bjorn “pushes a hand” through the sand. Personally I think Gibson uses multiplicity to excuse his racist and violent behaviours. “It wasn’t me,” he stated once. How convenient. Mind you, there wasn’t a silly “cover-up” about his arrest as was suggested in the enclosed video. He was arrested, charged, convicted.

Gibson studied with a rabbi for a time to make amends. He attended AA meetings. He completed 3 years of mel-gibson-braveheartmandatory conditions as set out by the court. It’s over already. Yet the public seems to think it is entitled to knowing what he acted like at the time of his arrest and how police reacted. That’s not true. Do they “have a dog in this fight?He hopes people will“graciously accept me back.” So do I.

If Gibson’s claim was helpful to him in court (it wasn’t), then anyone can state to a judge that “it wasn’t me, it was Bjorn.”. What nonsense.That’s just too easy. And it’s an insult to people possess MPD.


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